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I have an EBMC Combination Breaker/Starter, complete part number FTPS300 WT150JD36 W643 S782 and have questions related to the product:

The answers to your questions are below:

What adjustments are on the JD Frame breaker?  The trip range can be changed to 70, 80,90,100,110,125,150,175,200,225,250

Is it instantaneous and short time? yes

Also what comes standard as the overload on these?   Bi metallic thermal overload            

Is it a SSOL?   No.but SSOL is offered as a special through our Modified Products quotations or standard with our new EBMX

Can I interchange a trip unit for a unit that is less than 150A?   Changing the breaker is not recommended for the EBMC you currently have.