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What are the main differences between ECP enclosures and EJB enclosures?

EJB enclosures are orientated with the long side on the top and bottom, right and left sides are short sides; as if printing a document in landscape mode.  The mounting feet are vertical (two on the top, two on the bottom).  Optional hinges are stainless steel and holes cannot be drilled and tapped in the back of the enclosure.   Cover bolts are stainless steel.   Click here for more information on EJB enclosures

The ECP enclosures are portrait orientated; short sides are on the top and bottom, left and right sides are long.   Mounting feet are horizontal, aluminum hinges are provided as standard on sizes 12 x 12 x 4 and available on smaller sizes.  Stainless steel hinges are optional as are stainless steel cover bolts; standard cover bolts are steel.   Click here for more information on the ECP enclosures.