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What are the mixing instructions for CHICO A sealing compound.

Are form 7 condulet fittings approved for use in hazardous areas?


What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPES/050NPT/15?

Need MSDS sheet for STL and HTL thread lubricant.

What is the max temperature rating of BUSH05 HT, BUSH92 HT, BUSH93 HT, BUSH94 HT, and BUSH95 HT

Is the item: 5478-B still available?

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPES/M20/15?

Does our Copper free aluminum comply with Grade 5000?

Will an EAB0687 fixture cover fit onto an EV22 ceiling box?

Are your Condulets approved for Class II, Division 2 locations?

Can you use a CD2 drain in a Class 1 Div 2 area?

What is the replacement part for Crouse Hinds part#: CAP816794?

Can you please send me a RoHS Compliance statement on your Sealing Locknuts, part number SL1 through SL12?

Is your STL8 a conductive lubricant and will it inhibit corrosion?

What is the set up time for TSC compound

Please provide the MSDS sheet for your TSC Epoxy Sealing compound

How much Chico A sealing compound will it take to properly seal a 3” EYS with 3 x 350 conductors in it?

Need dimensions for part#'s: NOR 000 002 220 620 (EYS Vertical seal off) and NOR 000 002 220 729 (EZS Horizontal seal off).

Can I get a copy of PTB 05 ATEX 1052 Certificate for EABX Boxes.


What is the difference between an EGJ422 and EGJ422C?

What is the replacement mounting strap on GUAG junction box.

Can you please provide a copy of the ATEX certificate for your ECD breathers and drains as referenced in your catalog?

Is there anything that can dissolve CHICO compound?

Does the V-Spring safety light pole support meet structural guidelines when attached to a handrail?

Looking for SS 316 plugs for NEMA 4X junction box.

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPEN/M25/15?

Is there an IECEX Certification for the CAP744704 and CAP744709 adaptors?

I want the MSDS of product name Chico A Sealing Compound/Chico A3/Chico A4/Chico A05/Chico A200

I'm looking for PN DPE3029S3. Would also like a model if one was available.Thanks.

what size hole do you need for a link seal to fit properly around a 4" pvc conduit ?

Can Link Seal be used in limestone?

What is the cubic capacity of GUB junction boxes?

Can a DIN rail be field installed in a Crouse-Hinds GUA, EAB or EAJ outlet body?

What is the internal volume of a T28?

Do you offer a cable gland for use with EMI or EMC cable?

Do we have a cross for OZ Gedney Conduit Sealing Bushings CSBE-200P-1 and CSBE-300P-1?

Is CHICO SpeedSeal compatible with chlorine gas?

Are the AMN ANM series adapters still available?

Can you use pvc pipe be used with a XJG?

Do the form 7 conduit fittings with the aluminum option painted or natural finish?

What is the lowest ambient temperature that you can apply Chico speed seal

Are thru wall barriers water tight?

what is the difference between the GUAL and the GUAN boxes?

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPEN/M20/15?

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPEB/M20/15?

Looking malleable condulets

Where can I find the min. bending radius for Condulets

Is STL8 lubricant acceptable for use on explosion proof rated devices?

Regarding the expired date on Chico Is it still good after the date?

Do you have a Material Test Report (MTR) for Crouse-Hinds material #: UNL105?

I need an LBY2; 90 degree elbow but can't find the number in the catalog. Do you suggest a replacement?

What is the wire capacity on LB107?

What is the TI or RTI value for Chico A4.

Do you offer a nipple cover or fixture cover with a 16 pitch thread for use on GUA conduit outlet bodies.

is the cap and chain on the ds222 replaceable? if so, what is the part number?

What size is an LT75

Is the EJB602212 ATEX certified?

What is the ambient temperature range for ECLK and ECGJH couplings?

Is the DS23 UL listed?

Does Crouse Hinds have something that is similar to the SLB6 that is watertight and stainless steel?

What is the replacement gasket for the GUAT69?

What is the wire capacity for an LB105?

Can the XD couplings be buried?

What is the cubic capacity of the Form 7 U condulet?

What are the min and max temperatures the form 7 fittings can be used in?

Can the XJG expansion joint suitable for Class 1, Div1/Div2 ?

Do we offer a cross to appleton ALE250?

what is the internal volume for an FSC32?

Are Crouse Hinds Form 7 fittings dust tight?

What is the angle of the conduit hubs on BUB condulet?

Please provide a copy of the ATEX Certificate for part#: EABX26 SA ATEX.

What is the Hazardous Classification of Chico?

What are the part numbers for the covers and gaskets for an LB777 and the LB87?

What is the country of origin of your GRF29

Do we offer certified test reports for CGB's

Can PVC conduit be used with Link Seal?

Is there a replacement part available for the drain tube on EYD?

What is the temperature rating on the Hazardous rated RE reducers (SA and Iron)?

Where can I find the ATEX cert for the EYS/EZS Nortem ATEX seal fittings?

What is the recommended replacement for obsolete item LBH20 SA?

What are the dimensions of the GASK924 and the GASK1151?

Does Crouse-Hinds offer a cross to RACO 650 utility box?

Does Crouse-Hinds have an equal to Killark FDS-2?

Does Crouse Hinds still offfer the FSC2115?

Does Crouse Hinds have a replacement for the REC86?

What is the material of the gasket used in the integral gasket covers for the Form 7, Form 8 and Mark 9?

How much weight can an CPS12021 condulet outlet box support?

Can a XJGD combination expansion/ deflection couplings be embedded in concrete?

what is the maximum weight a GUA conduit outlet box can support?

Does Crouse Hinds offer replacement screws for the BG98 covers?

Can a UNY union fitting be used with any type of conduit?

What is the gasket material on the LBNEC series?

How can I determine the overall length of an ECGJH flexible coupling?

Can the bronze woven armoured cable be used with the TMCX2?

What temperature must CHICO A be kept at during curing, especially in areas where the temperature will drop below freezing?

Can the LSC200CART be used on EYS's?

What is the cross for Appleton FS-1EXT?

Does Crouse-Hinds offer a cross to Appleton part number FSLA-1-50?