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What are the mixing instructions for CHICO A sealing compound.

Are form 7 condulet fittings approved for use in hazardous areas?

I'm looking for UL certificate for enclosure drain breather ACDPES/075NPT/15

Does our Copper free aluminum comply with Grade 5000?

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPES/050NPT/15?

Need MSDS sheet for STL and HTL thread lubricant.

I'm looking for PN DPE3029S3. Would also like a model if one was available.Thanks.

What size is the ground screw for the GUA series?

Is there an ATEX Certificate for the DPE3030S3?

Where can I find the min. bending radius for Condulets

Please provide the MSDS sheet for your TSC Epoxy Sealing compound

How much Chico A sealing compound will it take to properly seal a 3” EYS with 3 x 350 conductors in it?

Is the EJB602212 ATEX certified?

Do you offer a cable gland for use with EMI or EMC cable?

Do you still offer the ES53 SG sealing hub with SG sealing gasket suffix? If no, what parts make up that option?

Looking for a large 6" pulling elbow.

Is there an IF sheet for Crouse Hinds part#: DPE4004S3.

Looking for deflection couplings expansion and contraction up to 1"

What is the Crouse Hinds product cross for Anixter pn#: TC-050A055?

Can I get a copy of PTB 05 ATEX 1052 Certificate for EABX Boxes.

Can PVC conduit be used with Link Seal?

Can our TMCX connectors be used with PLTC cable?

Are there voltage ratings on cable glands?

Does Crouse-Hinds have an equal to Killark FDS-2?

How much weight can an CPS12021 condulet outlet box support?

What is the weight of the PPBPS12200TC pencil box?

Do we have a cross for OZ Gedney Conduit Sealing Bushings CSBE-200P-1 and CSBE-300P-1?

Can the ECD series of breather/drains be used horizontally?

What is the difference between a UNY405 and a UNY406?

How does the GRC210 mount to the ground rod?

What is the temp range for CHICO speed seal?

Is it possible to "daisy chain" or connect multiple XJG's togeher? rigid conduit customer using 8" expansion couplings

What is the Crouse Hinds ADE catalog number for NPT CAP#: CAP808404V1.

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPEB/050NPT/15?

What is the max temperature rating of BUSH05 HT, BUSH92 HT, BUSH93 HT, BUSH94 HT, and BUSH95 HT

What are our wire mesh grips made of?

Regarding the expired date on Chico Is it still good after the date?

Is the EMT fittings zinc coating applied to the interior of the fitting?

TMC Armoured Cable Gland

I have a 2" Mogul fitting with a cover, part number BG67. I can't find that part number in the catalog. Is there a replacement?

Are CHICO A39-PX and CHICO X UL/CSA approved and are those parts Class 1 Div 1?

What compound is used to go on aluminum to stainless steel connections?

what is the material for both gaskets on the WLGF FS?

What is the country of origin of your GRF29

What is the T rating on ECP121808?

Can Link Seal be used in limestone?

Are CGBS cord connectors CSA approved?

What is the shelf life of CHICO X fiber?

What is the shelf life of CHICO A compound?

What is the temperature range CHICO A compound can be used in once cured?

What is the ambient temperature of ECD18 per CSA?

What is the cubic capacity of the EKC80?

What is the replacement part for mounting feet on style D EJB junction boxes?

Does Crouse Hinds still offfer the FSC2115?

What is the gasket material on the LBNEC series?

Does Crouse-Hinds offer a cross to Appleton part number FSLA-1-50?

Is there an extension for the EAJ outlet boxes?

Can a XJGD combination expansion/ deflection couplings be embedded in concrete?

Is Chico compatible with bare copper wire?

What is the internal volume of a T28?

Do we offer a cross for Thomas and Betts ST-200-474?

Do the CGFP use the same grommets as the CGB fittings?

Do we have a cross for Calbrite S60700EYSO?

Can you use a GUA0631 extension ring with a GUR3?

Can the XD couplings be buried?

What are the dimensions for a REC21 reducer?

Are the AMN ANM series adapters still available?

What applicator gun can be used with the LSC200CART CHICO LiquidSeal?

Can you use XJGD couplings back to back?

What is the replacement mounting strap on GUAG junction box.

Can you please provide a copy of the ATEX certificate for your ECD breathers and drains as referenced in your catalog?

Can CHICO be used past the expiration date?

What is the torque value on the link seal devices?

Where can I find the UL certification for PLG plugs.

What is the cure time for CHICO A compound.

Is there anything that can dissolve CHICO compound?

Can the HTL High Temperature Thread Lubricant be used as anti-seize on explosion proof enclosures.

What is the VOC content of CHICO A compound.

What is the operating temperature on the ECD15?

Need to know how to order a GUA outlet box with a direct mounted terminal block

What are the size of the mounting holes on the EAJT59

what is the difference between the GUAL and the GUAN boxes?

Can you please send me a RoHS Compliance statement on your Sealing Locknuts, part number SL1 through SL12?

Customer received RS1 missing the cover gaskets and bolts. Are there part numbers we can send them?

What is the recommended mounting hole size in the enclosure when using a DPE4004S3 drain?

Can the XJG's be used in concrete?

Are Crouse Hinds Mark 9 fittings dust tight?

How much Chico A sealing compound is required for the CGBS fittings?

How much water will pass through DPE series Breather/Drain

Can you order DIN/TB terminal blocks separately from Crouse Hinds for GUA boxes?

Is your STL8 a conductive lubricant and will it inhibit corrosion?

Can our hazardous area UNY/UNF fittings be used in direct burial applications?

Does the V-Spring safety light pole support meet structural guidelines when attached to a handrail?

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPES/075NPT/15?

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPEN/M20/15?

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPEB/075NPT/15?

How much CHICO SS Speed Seal is needed for an EYS/EYD seal off?

Do you offer close nipples.

Need dimensions of ECD15 universal breather or drain.