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What are the mixing instructions for CHICO A sealing compound.

Are form 7 condulet fittings approved for use in hazardous areas?

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPES/050NPT/15?

Does our Copper free aluminum comply with Grade 5000?

Where can I find the min. bending radius for Condulets

I want the MSDS of product name Chico A Sealing Compound/Chico A3/Chico A4/Chico A05/Chico A200

Is the item: 5478-B still available?

Is there anything that can dissolve CHICO compound?

Are your Condulets approved for Class II, Division 2 locations?

What is the temperature range for GUA series outlet boxes?

What is the fire rating on your outlet boxes?

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPES/075NPT/15?

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPEN/M20/15?

Can you please provide a copy of the ATEX certificate for your ECD breathers and drains as referenced in your catalog?

Can CHICO be used past the expiration date?

Can the HTL High Temperature Thread Lubricant be used as anti-seize on explosion proof enclosures.

Can you use XJG expansion joint with aluminum conduit.

Is there an IF sheet for Crouse Hinds part#: DPE4004S3.

Need MSDS sheet for STL and HTL thread lubricant.

I'm looking for UL certificate for enclosure drain breather ACDPES/075NPT/15

Is the U bolt provided on the MHK-RTS made of stainless steel?

Can the LSC200CART be used on EYS's?

What is the internal volume of a T28?

Can the ECD series of breather/drains be used horizontally?

What is the replacement O-ring gasket used on GUA06 cover?

Can you add a nipple to eys216 to make male to male?

What is the replacement part for Crouse Hinds part#: CAP816794?

what is the difference between the GUAL and the GUAN boxes?

Are the PLG style plugs UL listed?

Is your STL8 a conductive lubricant and will it inhibit corrosion?

How much putty is required for the TMCX glands?

What is the set up time for TSC compound

Can Crouse-Hinds “seal” the conduit on an EYSX11 with the sealing compound before shipment to the customer? Is there any damage concern for the compound or seal during shipment?

Do you offer a metric cord grip

I'm looking for PN DPE3029S3. Would also like a model if one was available.Thanks.

What is the country of origin of your GRF29

What is the drain flow on ECD1 N4D drain?

Can PVC conduit be used with Link Seal?

What is the shelf life of STL thread lubricant?

Is the DS23 UL listed?

Can a UNY be converted to a UNF by removing the nipple?

Does Crouse Hinds offer replacement screws for the BG98 covers?

Can Chico A be used with any cable types?

What is the difference between the EYD1 and EYD11?

What is the bending radius of a LBD014?

What is the dimension of the hinge on a WLGF-FS?

is there an installation and maintenance sheet for the ECLK series?

Do we offer Stainless steel reducers?

Can you field install rollers in a Mogul fitting?

The XJG expansion fittings is shown in our catalog to be UL514B listed. However, the nameplate on the XJG shows UL421B listed. Which is correct?

Are the XJG expansion fittings fire rated?

What is the difference between the 38MCQD and the 38MCQDS?

What is the min/max temperature range on CHICO LiquidSeal, part number LSC10, LSC20, LSC75, LSC200CART.

What is the wire fill for LB400M?

Whats the difference between parts DS185 and DS185F?

What is the replacement mounting strap on GUAG junction box.

Is STL8 thread lubricant silicone free?

Do you have any instructional videos on installing Chico A

What are the size of the mounting holes on the EAJT59

Can you please send me a RoHS Compliance statement on your Sealing Locknuts, part number SL1 through SL12?

Looking for device covers for FS boxes

Is there an ATEX Certificate for the DPE3030S3?

Can you order DIN/TB terminal blocks separately from Crouse Hinds for GUA boxes?

What is the bend radius for Crouse Hinds part #: EL496?

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPES/M25/15?

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPES/M20/15?

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPEB/050NPT/15?

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPEB/M20/15?

How much CHICO SS Speed Seal is needed for an EYS/EYD seal off?

Do you offer close nipples.

What is the Crouse Hinds product cross for Anixter pn#: TC-050A055?

What is the angle of the conduit hubs on BUB condulet?

What is the cubic inch volume for an OET 3?

Regarding the expired date on Chico Is it still good after the date?

Need to ask about cable glands from Cooper

Hi can you provide me CAD drawing for Breather/Drain ACDPES/075NPT/15

I am looking for a Safety Data Sheet on a product, CHICO A23.

Are the cable glands series TW1DC still available?

I'm looking for a cork gasket for the Mogul outlet bodies. Part number for the body is BLB8. What is the part number for the replacement cork gasket?

What is the shelf life of Chico Speed Seal?

What is the TI or RTI value for Chico A4.

What compound is used to go on aluminum to stainless steel connections?

What is the ingress protection (IP) rating for the ECD18?

What is the T rating on ECP121808?

Is the EJB602212 ATEX certified?

Is there a CSA cert for TMCX cable glands?

What is the shelf life of TSC compound?

What is the shelf life of CHICO SS speedseal?

What is the bend radius of BUBXL6?

Do the TECK connectors include the locknut?

Are TMCX glands fire rated?

Are the J bolts included with back plate used on V spring?

Does Crouse Hinds have a replacement for the REC86?

What is the cross for Appleton FS-1EXT?

Does Crouse Hinds have a cross for Appleton Part number CB205?

Do you sell replacement covers for the OE conduit bodies?

Do the CGFP use the same grommets as the CGB fittings?

Does the TMCX connector have an integral union?

Can WJB boxes be set in concrete?