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What are the mixing instructions for CHICO A sealing compound.

Are form 7 condulet fittings approved for use in hazardous areas?

Does our Copper free aluminum comply with Grade 5000?

Need MSDS sheet for STL and HTL thread lubricant.

Please provide the MSDS sheet for your TSC Epoxy Sealing compound

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPES/050NPT/15?

Is the item: 5478-B still available?

Can you please provide a copy of the ATEX certificate for your ECD breathers and drains as referenced in your catalog?

What is the temperature range for GUA series outlet boxes?

What is the replacement part for Crouse Hinds part#: CAP816794?

I want the MSDS of product name Chico A Sealing Compound/Chico A3/Chico A4/Chico A05/Chico A200

Can I get a copy of PTB 05 ATEX 1052 Certificate for EABX Boxes.

What is the shelf life of STL thread lubricant?

What applicator gun can be used with the LSC200CART CHICO LiquidSeal?

Can the XJG's be used in concrete?

Can our hazardous area UNY/UNF fittings be used in direct burial applications?

I am looking for a M20x1.5 BLanking Plug, ATEX and IP66

Are your Condulets approved for Class II, Division 2 locations?

Hi can you provide me CAD drawing for Breather/Drain ACDPES/075NPT/15

Are the cable glands series TW1DC still available?

What is the temperature range ECP junction boxes can be used in?

What is the wire fill for LB400M?

Can CHICO be used past the expiration date?

What is the replacement gasket part number for the GUR1, GUR2 or GUR3 series fitting?

What is the cure time for CHICO A compound.

Are thru wall barriers water tight?

Need installation manual on DPE breather/drains.

Is your STL8 a conductive lubricant and will it inhibit corrosion?

How much putty is required for the TMCX glands?

Regarding the expired date on Chico Is it still good after the date?

Please provide a cut sheet showing dimensions for a 12 inch Pull Box (Cat. #PPBPS12100TC) with a 1" Hub Size.

Is the ECD15 316 304 or 316 stainless stee?

What is the ingress protection (IP) rating for the ECD18?

I'm looking for UL certificate for enclosure drain breather ACDPES/075NPT/15

Can Link Seal be used in limestone?

Can the LSC200CART be used on EYS's?

Does Crouse-Hinds offer a cross to Appleton part number FSLA-1-50?

Can a UNY be converted to a UNF by removing the nipple?

How many CHICO SS2 come in a package?

What is the difference between an EGJ422 and EGJ422C?

Can an aluminum cable gland be used with a stainless steel enclosure?

What size is the ground screw for the GUA series?

Are the XJG expansion fittings fire rated?

Can the ECD series of breather/drains be used horizontally?

What does the UL Listed to 425B mean on our labels for our fittings?

What is the replacement O-ring gasket used on GUA04 cover?

How many cover screws are on an 880 Form 8 cover.

What is the min/max temperature range on CHICO LiquidSeal, part number LSC10, LSC20, LSC75, LSC200CART.

What is the temperature range on a EABT26 SA?

Are the CGB fittings free of CR6 in the finished material?

What is the size of the mounting hole for part #: 209?

What is the size of the hole at the top of the conduit strap for part #: 496-6?

Where can I find cubic capacity charts for fittings and enclosures?

What is the wire fill is for the LBY55?

Looking for conduit seal off to be used in Class 1 Div 1 area

Do we offer a cross to appleton ALE250?

Do you need a special tool for CHICO A3.

Customer received RS1 missing the cover gaskets and bolts. Are there part numbers we can send them?

What is the weight limit of our FD/FS boxes? I need to use for a luminaire hanger

Can you order DIN/TB terminal blocks separately from Crouse Hinds for GUA boxes?

What is the temperature rating for an EYS3?

What is the Crouse Hinds ADE catalog number for ISO CAP#: CAP806504V1.

What is the bend radius for Crouse Hinds part #: EL496?

What is the replacement for the ATEX/CENELEC Breather/Drain part number ACDPEN/M25/15?

How much CHICO SS Speed Seal is needed for an EYS/EYD seal off?

On ECGHJ with S516 option all stainless steel or partially stainless steel and what grade.

What is the max temperature rating of BUSH05 HT, BUSH92 HT, BUSH93 HT, BUSH94 HT, and BUSH95 HT

What is the set up time for TSC compound

Does the TSC sealing compound come included with the TMCX terminator cable gland or would you need to purchase this seprately?

What is the cubic inch volume for an OET 3?

Where can I find the min. bending radius for Condulets

What is the replacement for a REN21SS?

do we a cross to Appleton part number ECC503RH?

How much Chico A sealing compound will it take to properly seal a 3” EYS with 3 x 350 conductors in it?

Do you have a Material Test Report (MTR) for Crouse-Hinds material #: UNL105?

TMC Armoured Cable Gland

Are any of the T condulets rated for direct burial?

Do your BC, BT, or BLB moguls come with rollers?

What is the Hazardous Classification of Chico?

I need an LBY2; 90 degree elbow but can't find the number in the catalog. Do you suggest a replacement?

I have a 2" Mogul fitting with a cover, part number BG67. I can't find that part number in the catalog. Is there a replacement?

what size hole do you need for a link seal to fit properly around a 4" pvc conduit ?

What material is a GRFX229 made of?

Can PVC conduit be used with Link Seal?

Is the EJB602212 ATEX certified?

What is the replacement cover and gasket for C30?

Is there a CSA cert for TMCX cable glands?

Are CGBS cord connectors CSA approved?

What is the shelf life of TSC compound?

What is the drain flow on DPE drain plug?

What is the temperature range CHICO A compound can be used in once cured?

What is the maximum temperature Form 7 SA condulets can be used in a non hazardous environment?

What grade stainless steel is our ECD15 made from?

What is the alloy grade of aluminum used in EAB series fittings?

Can the LSC compound in TMCX be removed?

What is the ambient temperature range for ECLK and ECGJH couplings?

Can a UNY union fitting be used with any type of conduit?

How can I determine the overall length of an ECGJH flexible coupling?

Can a XJGD combination expansion/ deflection couplings be embedded in concrete?