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Does the V-Spring safety light pole support meet structural guidelines when attached to a handrail?

The confusion here may be due to terminology;  nothing is attached to the hand rail – as OSHA requires clearance around the hand rail for workers to use it.

Traditional conduit used to support lights (and also the V-Spring) are attached to the stanchion with stand-off brackets to ensure clearance around the hand rail.

I think this should clear-up the confusion (see picture attached)

It is common practice to light industrial walkways by mounting lights to stanchion of the handrail.   With that said the Eaton structural guidelines are provided based on our base mount designs (separate from the stanchion/ hand rail mount).   

The hand rail is designed by others – and need to be appropriate to serve the intended purpose (i.e. protect people, support walkway lights, to do both, etc).   


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