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What is the nominal knockout diameter for 1/2 inch trade size Conduit?

What are the mixing instructions for CHICO A sealing compound.

Who is my Crouse-Hinds representative?

Who are your US Crouse-Hinds distributors?

What is the nominal knockout diameter for 3/4 inch trade size Conduit?


Contact for Saudi Arabia

What is the nominal knockout diameter for 3/8 inch trade size entry?

Where can I find Auto Cad drawings of Crouse-Hinds products.

What is the email and phone number of Crouse-Hinds

looking for traffic lights and parts

What is the nominal knockout diameter for 1 inch trade size Conduit?

Where can I find the min. bending radius for Condulets

I want the MSDS of product name Chico A Sealing Compound/Chico A3/Chico A4/Chico A05/Chico A200

Hi! I'm trying to reach your Accounts Payable Department

Is there anything that can dissolve CHICO compound?

Who is your contact in India for Crouse-Hinds products.

Are your Condulets approved for Class II, Division 2 locations?


what is the phone number for Customer Service?

Who is your local rep in Phoenix AZ?

Where can I locate Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Where can I locate IES photometric files

Can you please let me know how to find a Crouse-Hinds distributor in Edmonton, Alberta Canada?

Can the HTL High Temperature Thread Lubricant be used as anti-seize on explosion proof enclosures.

Need MSDS sheet for STL and HTL thread lubricant.

Can I have a copy of the ISO 9001 Certification?

What is the internal volume of a T28?

What UL Listing covers the Class 1 Div 2 classification on Myers Hubs?

Is your STL8 a conductive lubricant and will it inhibit corrosion?

From what warehouse does Crouse-Hinds lighting ship from?

Looking a safety barrier model SPEC 504

Is there a distributor for CROUSE-HINDS, MEDC Model# SM87 lights in UAE ?

What is the nominal knockout diameter for 1-1/4 inch trade size Conduit?

how do I contact crouse-hinds?

Where can I go to buy replacement parts or equivalent products to the old Crouse-Hinds Distribution Equipment Division (DED) products that were made in Earlysville, Virginia many years ago?

Is STL8 thread lubricant silicone free?

I'm looking for cable tray.

Where do I find order status on my orders.

Do you have any instructional videos on installing Chico A

I am looking for UK Distributors of Crouse Hinds ATEX Plugs part number GHG 516 7406 R0001

How much CHICO SS Speed Seal is needed for an EYS/EYD seal off?

Who can I contact for Crouse Hinds Export related support?

What is the nominal knockout diameter for 4-1/2 inch trade size Conduit?

What is the nominal knockout diameter for 2 inch trade size Conduit?

I am looking for a Safety Data Sheet on a product, CHICO A23.

Sales manager in Turkey


I need help cross referencing a product.

Where can I get price and availability for Crouse-Hinds EZ1016 series plugs?

Is there a cable glands selection tool available?

Where can I find the UL certification for PLG plugs.

Is MTL part of Crouse Hinds...

Can you use Feraloy Fittings with Rigid Aluminum conduit?

Do you have the cross reference for NSN numbers.

Where can I send an email to Customer Service?

What is the nominal knockout diameter for 2-1/2 inch trade size Conduit?

What is the nominal knockout diameter for 1-1/2 inch trade size Conduit?

CAD files to down load.

MTL barrier sales in Australia

Locate contact information for Crouse-Hinds representative in Italy?

have u got any representative in UAE

Does Crouse Hinds still offfer the FSC2115?

Will your epoxy coated aluminum die cast housing withstand a ferric chloride environment?

Do you have a Data Sheet or MSDS sheet for the suffix S752?

Can an aluminum cable gland be used with a stainless steel enclosure?

Where can I find a T rating chart?

Can I still buy Intrinsically safe barriers once made by CEAG in Germany? Part numbers begin with GHG122

Are your products made of copper free aluminum considered Non-Ferrous?

What is the thickness of a GASK1151?

What does the UL Listed to 425B mean on our labels for our fittings?

Is CHICO SpeedSeal compatible with chlorine gas?

What is the cubic capacity of the Form 7 U condulet?

What applicator gun can be used with the LSC200CART CHICO LiquidSeal?

Can you provide a Mill Cert for your products?

Is a Class 1 rating considered the same as explosion proof, as listed in the catalog?

Can you please advise who your sales reps for Eaton Crouse Hinds in France market?

Can you please send a list of distributors of MTL in Minnesota?

What is the VOC content of STL thread lubricant.

Does Crouse-Hinds have a Cage Code?

Can you please recommend a supplier in Thailand?

Do you have representative in India?

What lubricants are appropriate to use on the pipe threads?

What is the lowest ambient temperature that you can apply Chico speed seal

Who can I contact to check stock availability on your products?

I can't find MSDS sheets

Do you have a representative in Taiwan?

What is the maximum wire size you can use with an HRC1 thermostat?

Who is your representative in Kazakhstan?


Hi looking for a New England Rep to get pricing and availability on NCGS357

Do you offer wireless I/O modules

Who do I contact for MTL products.

Where do I type in part numbers to find their specs?

I forgot my pin number to Co-Spec


Can't log in or create account for CoSPEC

Looking for a software update of wireless I/O configuration tool

Do you have a distributor in South Africa

Do you have a representative in Brazil?