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Do we have an adapter from a MercMaster3 base to a Crouse-Hinds VMVM175/MT?

The CHMM1 Top Hat adapter for Appleton MercMaster III fixtures.

The CHMM1 top hat adapter is compatible with the following Appleton top hats from the MercMaster III product lineup:
• KPA-75 and KPA-100 pendant mounts
• KPAF-75 and KPAF-100 flexible pendant mounts
• KPCH-75 and KPCH-100 cone pendant mounts
• KPC-75 and KPC-100 ceiling mounts
• KPWB-75 and KPWB-100 wall mounts
• KPS-125 and KPS-150 25° stanchion mounts
• KPST-125 and KPST-150 90° stanchion mounts
Note: CHMM1 Top Hat Adapter is not to be used with Appleton Top Hats provided with fuses and fuse holders.