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For material#: N2LPS6422 (Obsolete-now N2LPS12222). When testing charger function are you looking for a voltage level? Should batteries be disconnected or connected to perform charger function test? What is the part number for the replacement charger?

The battery should be disconnected before testing the output from the charger board. The best way to test it would be to let it fully charge the battery ~24hrs then disconnect the power supply and see if the battery powers the light for the rated time. If they are trying to troubleshoot the fixture this wouldn’t apply. A replacement charger for the 6422 is N2LPS K56 which is no longer available. Consider upgrade to new LED version of N2LPS. N2LPS K57 is replacement charger for newer N2LPS12222 only.
  1. LED N2LPS Catalog Page.pdf
  1. N2LPS6422.pdf