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What is the part number for E1002-1?

Need an instruction manual for the E1017 Cam-Lok J Series receptacle?

Where can I find more information on Limberoller products?

Please provide a brochure on part number X8999-2 shore connector.

I am searching for a Crouse Hinds X8381-2 E1002-1 Yellow Safety plug. Are they obsolete, did something take it's place?

Do we offer a cut sheet on part number CX8653312P?

Is there a replacement adhesive for 100312-2 (Obsolete)?

Where can I find information on your Limber Rollers?

Please provide technical documents on X8976-8

What is the pull out strength of Cam-Lok connectors?

Do you offer the X8653-16P with 4" pigtails?

What is the part# for the E-Z1016 black retaining screw?

Does Crouse-Hinds have an offering for the Duraline Brand E1022 and E1023?

Do you have a spec sheet for the X1806-91 receptacle?

I need to match a part number with the appropriate vendor. PN 21-3P1 or 21-3P1FG or 213P1FG.

11603241 (X8932) cust sheet

How do you remove the sleeve insulator on an E1016 Cam-Lok plug

What do the letter suffix's at the end of the Quik-Loc connectors mean?

Who can I contact regarding WPI parts?

Is the E1019 series Cam-Lok still available?

Can DLO cable be used with the E1016/EZ1016?

What is the part# for replacement set screw of an E1016/EZ1016?

Do we offer an MSDS sheet for JOY 319756-3 rubber cement?

Where can I find more information on Cam-Lok products?

Can you please quote the following material#'s: LR202 - Carrying Idler, LR203 - Carrying Training Idler, LR108 - Return Training Idler?

Are Limber Rollers offered with stainless steel bearings?

What is the minimum torque value you can use for Part # E1018-1607?

Do we still offer the E0315 series Posi-Lok panels?

Is X8635 80 a valid part number?

Are the "levers" on the X8346-2L Quik-Loc replaceable?

Do we offer flip covers for the E1017 series of Cam-Loks?

What is the torque requirement for X8343-16L?

Can you directly bury LynxPOWER in the ground?

What are the accessory Set Screw, Copper Shim, and retaining wire for an E1015?

Looking for dimensional information on PM1 EO800 N3RSS Posi-Max panel

Looking for dimensional information on PM1 CO400 N3RPS Posi-Max panel

Looking for dimensional information on PM1 CO200 N3RPS Posi-Max panel

Does Crouse-Hinds offer a Double throw quick connect safety switch?

Does Crouse-Hinds offer a Single throw quick connect safety switch?

Can a crimp E1016 mate with a Double Set Screw EZ1016?

What is smallest cable size that can be used on the E1016 Double Set Screw Receptacle (Example: E10161700S45)?

Can E1050 (Roughlok) be used sold and used in the US?

Are Cam-Lok E1016/EZ1016 Single Set Screw still available?

Can a Cam-lok Female Terminal (Example: E1016-575) be used as a lug on the threaded stud receptacle?

Can you identify part number X8381-19?

What is the dimensions for the 800 amp Posi-Max panel?

What are the dimensions for the 400 amp Posi-Max panel?

What are the dimensions for the 200 amp Posi-Max panel?

Do we have a cross for Hubbell part HBLDFBK?

Need a spec sheet for X8451-5 toggle switch

Can you advise if the packaging of material 3197351 BLK UNVULCANIZED NEOPRENE TAPE is in rolls or strips?

Are the Cam Lok J series E1017 rated for use with DLO cable?

Can you use a multiple conductor cable with Cam-Lloks?

Do you have a spec sheet for the AF5C1. What is the part number for this connector with the optional steel coupling?

Is there a part number for the set screw only on a CamLok E1012, E1016 and E1018 ?

Is there a replacement set screw for the E1017 plug?

Need data sheet for X8651-648P

Can you replace the Retaining Nut only on an E0200 Male Posi-Lok Plug?

Where can I find more product information on Crouse Hinds Industrial Connectivity (Interconnect)?

Looking for old crouse hinds two pin plugs for E1001-3 two pin recepticle .

Would an 18" or a 24" version of Crouse Hinds part#: 500984-331 (20" LR350 L/R SEALED TROUGHER) work in place of the 20"?

Are the contacts on X8635-21 normally open or closed?

Are there replacement parts available for E0200 and E0400 Posi Max panels?

Can the E0200 Posi lok panels use the E1016 or E1017 Cam Lok plugs?